About Us

About Us

Since 2015 Compusafety Technologies has helped both residential and small businesses with all their computer hardware and software support needs.

The company founder is a leader in IT, computer security and computer repair for the past 20+ years. During those years he saw a need for affordable and quality support and service choice for both small businesses and residential customers.

Compusafety Technologies was founded around that principle, to provide a fair and quality technical support and hardware repair service. Our slogan Monitor | Assess | Defend is a guideline for the way we approach and provide security and support for both residential and business customers alike.

Monitor or being proactive in our approach works both on the systems support and security and with preventing bad things from occurring with your computer hardware.

Assess or to learn from what we monitor so we can make changes to systems settings or polices and prevent failures with computer hardware. Making a more secure environment for your systems and software and keeping your computer running smoothly and efficiently now and in the future.

Defend is the goal of the process both with Systems and Software running securely and keeping your computer up and running, your data safe and secure from exploit. Defending you against a catastrophic loss by a security exploit or with a hardware failure causing you to lose your valuable data.

Along the way we have built the trust of many customers by backing up and also sticking by our quality work with our never fail approach and guaranty. Let us provide our Monitor | Assess | Defend principles for you we want to be your choice for computer support and service for MAC, Windows and Linux. And keep your home and business safe.

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